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About Us

We are a family owned, natural skin care business, in NYC.

Suffering from excessive dry skin skin my whole life, I tried endless products, from natural to organic, without real relief! After my son suffered for several years from severe skin allergies, he only found relief when a friend introduces us to a bar of soap that she made herself. For the first time in 3 years, my son was able to take a shower, with soap, without excessive itching right after a shower.

I intensively educated myself about the creation of handmade soaps, skin care products. We had a lot of fun creating several formulas, using food and edible ingredients, from our kitchen. We loved the results. We love the effect on our skin, mood and health; and just kept repeating these recipes and trying new ones.
Of course family and friends noticed the changes in our life, and got involved. We began sharing our products with them. The feedback, high demand of our products made us turn a passion into business.
We hope that you love our products as we do, and really hope your skin loves them too as it is fed the right food.